About Us

Who We Are

Repay Reports conducts marketing research on debt collections agencies. We will be asking basic questions and listening to what is working and what needs to be improved. Our mission is to gather research about the debt collection process from the customer’s viewpoint.

By helping us, you are giving back to others who may be lost in the debt collection process or who have been treated unfairly. Our goal is to determine the best ways to interact with customers and help them navigate the debt repayment process.

Share a Debt Collection Experience

  1. Apply online to participate.
  2. We will verify that you have worked with one of our pre-selected agencies, or you can suggest an agency here.
  3. You will be paid for your participation upon completion.

You Can Help

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The Numbers at a Glance

  • In 2010 there was $150 billion of debt in collection
  • The U.S. has over 4,100 debt collections agencies in operation
  • The debt servicing industry employs over 450,000 people
  • In 2010 the FTC received over 140,000 complaints about debt collection agencies