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    Debt Collection

    We work with with consumers who have firsthand experience working with collections companies. If you have worked with a debt repayment company, we want to hear from you. Provide feedback through our panels or request a dispute of your account.

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The Agencies

There are thousands of debt collection agencies operating in the United States today. We have chosen a prominent handful to provide the deepest insight into debt types and the related debt repayment consumer experience.

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Why We’re Here

It can be stressful to have an unpaid debt and even more so when a 3rd party collections company is involved. We want to hear about your experiences to understand what got you here, what you are going through, and how you are moving past it.

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As a participant in our panels, you will be asked basic questions about your debt servicing company. Your information will remain private and used for research purposes only. Upon completion, you will be compensated for tasks completed.

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